Fastest growing cannabis seeds

What is the ideal weed to grow yourself? There are many different types cannabis plants and logically every plant has different seeds. To begin with, there is the division between male and female plants, each has its own purpose of course. Male plants only serve to pollinate the female plant, so you'll want to have female plants if you want to use them for your own use. Today there are “feminized seeds” on the market, so you are 99% sure you have female plants.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

There are also autoflowering types of weed or ”autoflowering seeds”. These are ideal for the novice grower, partly because they are resistant to various diseases and fungi. Also, they don't need the switch in bright hours, so you don't have to pay much attention to it.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Because one autoflowering plant yields less than a feminized seed, it is an easy choice for the experienced grower to go for the feminized seed. As a result, the well-known "white widow" is not very highly regarded among autoflowering seeds. Because this is one of the best known and best plants, an experienced grower will prefer to spend a lot of time here to maximize yield. However, other plants are considered automatic, such as Northern Light, the Royal Dwarf and Quick One.


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