The pros and cons of edible cannabis

The classic way to cannabis to use is by putting it in a joint or pipe and just smoking it. This is an efficient way to get high, as the lungs easily absorb the inhaled cannabinoids. The desired effects are noticeable within minutes. However, there are also drawbacks to smoking cannabis, such as the harmfulness of the smoke to your lungs and throat. Fortunately, there are also other ways to experience the unique benefits of (medicinal) weed. One of those ways has everything to do with the phenomenon of 'edibles', which is certainly not unfamiliar territory for the seasoned cannabis user. In this blog, we want to discuss the pros and cons of edibles so you can find out if it's for you.

A healthier alternative

Smoking is harmful to your health, whether you smoke your weed (or medicinal cannabis) with or without tobacco. Tobacco naturally contains much more chemical waste, but also when burning pure organic weed, harmful substances are released that affect your lungs and other organs. This is by no means the case when eating edibles containing cannabis. The cannabinoids in cannabis are then ingested orally and enter the stomach where they are processed. Ingesting marijuana orally does not release toxic chemicals such as combustion, making edibles a healthier alternative to smoking.

Slower recording

Because the cannabinoids such as CBD and THC in edibles must first be processed by the stomach before they enter the bloodstream, the effect lasts longer. While the lungs absorb and process the cannabinoids in no time, this process takes much more time in the stomach. So it takes longer for effects to become noticeable and also the release of cannabinoids is 'slowed down', making the effects of edibles last much longer. This property of edibles can be both desirable and undesirable, depending on the goal you have. People looking to treat chronic pain will benefit greatly from this delayed-release property thanks to the long-acting properties of edibles, while those experiencing acute pain will benefit more from a rapid effect.

A different kind of high

In addition to the speed of action, there is another important difference that distinguishes edibles from smoking products. The psychoactive ingredient THC enters the body in a different way in edibles than when you smoke weed. The chemical explanation for this is quite complicated, but the bottom line is that after eating edibles, the THC is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC. This compound is stronger than THC and therefore induces a different, stronger high than smoking weed or hash. In some cases, the high can even lean towards a mild psychedelic experience. Again, this distinctive property of edibles can be both desirable and undesirable, depending on the preference of the user.


Despite the fact that the Dutch are used to the smell of weed, it is not always appreciated. You don't light a joint in public just like that, and certainly not without attracting attention. With edibles, this problem is a thing of the past. You can use cannabis in many edible products, from the well-known space cakes and brownies to pancakes, pasta and bread. No one will look at you funny if you eat a slice of cannabis bread on the bus or if you eat cannabis candies at airport customs. If there is THC in your edibles and you want to consume them in public, be careful with the dosage!

Disadvantages of edibles

Every advantage has its disadvantage, so it is with edibles. The benefits of edibles make it worth a try, but it's helpful to be aware of some drawbacks. An important one is that it is difficult to determine the strength and dose with edibles. One bite more or less of a weed cake, for example, can already be a difference of day and night, so that if the bite is a little too large, the effects are too intense. In addition, the distribution of THC in your dish can also differ enormously. In that case, one bite may be bursting with THC, while the other bite is next to nothing. What is also seen as a drawback by experienced stoners is the long duration before effects occur. Many first-time users of edibles are negatively surprised if they can't muster patience and eat way too many edibles, or start smoking a lot in the meantime because 'you don't notice anything'. After an hour and a half, the edible finally kicks in and the effects just get too intense for many users. If you want to try cannabis edibles, always be aware of this slowly emerging effect and above all be patient. If you do, edibles allow you to have a great cannabis experience without the ill effects of smoking.


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