We have a wide range of vaporizers, all of them are made of high quality. This is especially noticeable in the quality of the material. They are available in all sizes and we also have the right vaporizer for every budget. Almost every vaporizer on the market can be found in our range. From the cheaper basic version to the latest released model with the latest technology. All our vaporizers offer the perfect option to smoke weed instead of the traditional bongs or normal joints.

How do you use a vaporizer?

A cannabis or weed vaporizer is a machine that is made to heat these products without burning them. They are available in both large and pocket format. So you have suitable machines for at home and on the road. These two varieties use different ways to heat the weed. The machines use conductive and convection heating. Because the vaporizer heats the weed in this way, cannabinoids are released. These are then converted into a delicious weed vapour. Tip: The cannabinoids all have different temperatures at which they are converted into vapor, keep this in mind.

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