CBD brownies

Contrary to popular belief, CBD brownies will not get you high or stoned. There is no THC in it. The brownies in our webshop are made from 100% natural products. Since there is no THC in the brownies, they are 100% legal.
There are many different types of brownies. From vegan brownies to brownies with additional CBD. On the other hand, we also have many others called: Dutch Hash Brownie, Lemon Haze Brownie, OG Kush brownie and White Widow Brownie. These brownies all have a different strength.

Dutch hash is used in the Dutch Hash brownie. Vanilla is also used to give the brownie a better taste. These and the other brownies also have an effect on certain things, such as making you more relaxed or less anxious. Conversely, these brownies can also help you sleep better.

When is the best time to take CBD?

Is it smart to take CBD on an empty stomach? It is possible, but it has been proven that if you eat a brownie with CBD on a full stomach, you will feel much more of the effects. It is also true that if you CBD on an empty stomach, you may feel sick or even vomit.
It is also not smart to eat CBD brownies with alcohol. You will feel the effects of the CBD less. The effects of the alcohol then actually mask the effects of the CBD in the brownie.

Do you have to be 18+ to buy CBD brownies?

Since there is no THC in the brownies, there is no age restriction on the brownies. However, they are still doing more in-depth research to see if CBD is harmful to younger children. I


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