Head supplies are ideal for hassle-free lighting up. From smoking accessories to fun gifts, Cannabis Bakehouse’s online headshop has everything you need to enjoy the benefits and experience of cannabis. We also have a selection of the latest high-quality cannabis vaporisers.

Your source for essential cannabis-related accessories

Whether you are new to smoking or an experienced user, we have a variety of attractive and reliable products you need to enjoy cannabis. We are dedicated to offering top quality headshop supplies along with the best possible service.

Cannabis accessories, or head supplies, are perfect for making the most of your smoking or vaping experience. Scales, grinders, and trays are essential tools for preparing your herbs to smoke. Rolling paper is also a must-have if you are preparing your own rolls.

Bongs and pipes of all styles and materials are alternatives to smoking rolls, while vaporisers allow you to vape herbs and concentrates using the latest vaping technology. Cleaning accessories are also important to have on hand for safely and effectively maintaining your vaporiser, bong, pipe and other tools.

The latest vaporisers

Our range of cannabis vaporisers are made from high-quality materials. Suitable for recreational and medical cannabis users, vaporisers extract cannabinoids from the herb or concentrate and converts it into vapor. Whether you are looking for a classic model for vaping or the latest desktop model with cutting edge technology, we have models of different styles and sizes for any budget.

Fun and interesting gifts

If you are looking for something fun to give a friend or loved one, our headshop has interesting and fun cannabis-themed gifts. If you know a cannabis enthusiast, we have a selection of gifts including high-quality smoking accessories and high-tech vaporisers. Our CBD edibles shop also has a wide variety of treats, from gummies and candies to cookies and brownies. Our range of edibles also includes CBD-infused honey and coffee. Whatever you choose, you will find something your family or friends will love.

Check back often as our catalogue of accessories and other cannabis-related items is growing and we are always adding exciting products. Order your smoking accessory, vaporiser or gift today from our online shop!

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