Enjoy a delicious, crunchy hemp muffin for breakfast or as a snack. The muffins are not dry and are wonderfully soft on the inside. When you bite, it melts on your tongue. Our fresh muffins are baked at the right temperature and time, so you won't find them too dry or too burnt. So the baking time is just long enough for the inside of the muffin to taste perfect.

cannabis muffins from Cannabis Bakehouse

By letting the cannabis soak into the dough, we not only offer you the healthy benefits of marijuana, but also its delicious taste. We harvest our hemp from safe, high quality sources and no other ingredients are involved. The Cannabis is grown in a clean, uncontaminated environment. We also assure you of the health benefits of the hemp. Hemp has many vitamins, minerals and fiber with a high amount of folic acid to help cells repair, iron for good oxygen absorption in the blood and calcium for strong bones. Hemp does not contain any psychotic components, so the whole family can eat it.

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