The female plants produce the coveted buds that are full of cannabinoids like THC. When you buy feminized seeds, you are 100% sure that all your plants will be females. Not feminized seeds have a 50% chance of becoming a male. You have to get rid of that as soon as possible because, you will lose your money and half of your potential harvest.

Survival strategy

Both the female and male plants produce flowers, even though of different nature. Under certain conditions, female plants can produce male flowers and vice versa. This is an unusual survival strategy that allows the cannabis plant to propagate itself, even if it is an annual plant. This survival strategy starts when the plant is grown in unfavorable growing conditions.

Do it yourself

If your intention is to grow and harvest your own plants and not want to experiment with crossbreeding plants, a male plant is not much use. Putting twice as many seeds in the ground is also useless. You should also be able to detect what a male or female plant is so that you can remove them as quickly as possible. Besides, you should know that they have to pre-grow before you can let them bloom. The pre-growth serves to make the plants bigger and stronger and until they have grown past their childhood, you will not be able to determine the sex yet. 

With our feminized seeds you know right away that all your plants have female genes and you don’t have to worry about whether a male has sneaked in. We guarantee that the feminized seeds are 100% female and have been harvested with the utmost care. Resulting in the finest products and beautiful plants. It is of course up to you to grow the seeds in the best conditions so that they can grow into beautiful mature female plants with a nice harvest.

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