Until a few years ago, people only heard about THC. The substance made you hallucinate, do crazy things and made you, as a user, the weird pariah. THC was enough to include the plant in the Opium Act to ban the entire use of it. Fortunately, there are always dissenters who look beyond their noses. They searched for the other components and found the component CBD!

CBD seeds, the best of both worlds

CBD seeds are the result of crossbreeding where the intention was to obtain the highest possible CBD content from the plant. Today’s CBD seeds produce up to 15% CBD! Besides, they also found two different CBD seeds: straight CBD seeds and CBD seeds with a very low percentage of THC. We provide the second. The percentage of some strains is so low that you won’t experience a high while using it. These seeds have all the benefits of CBD and the beneficial effects of THC. The benefits of THC do exist, like stress and pain relief.

Laws and CBD

The laws regarding the use very unclear. You should inquire very carefully about the relevant legislation in this regard, before you run into problems with certain authorities. The Opium Act, which should provide more clarity, is also confusing. For example, one speaks of the maximum allowed 3 milligrams per liter, but this refers to blood values. The maximum percentage of THC would be 0.2% but, not to make it too easy; not all agencies follow these regulations and adhere to 0.05%. A big difference when it comes to paying fines.

We would like to emphasize that it is best to find out about the regulations and laws yourself regarding the cultivation of CBD plants and that the Cannabis Bakery cannot be held responsible if you, in one way or the other, do not comply with those regulations.

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