More than ever before, you hear a lot about autoflowering cannabis seeds. Is it a fad or is it really worth the extra money? Anyone who has ever scoured the webshops to buy cannabis seeds knows that there are more and more options to choose from. Marijuana seeds are no longer the same seeds as 20 years ago, there are a lot of strains on the market and feminized seeds are also being used more often. Anyway, autoflowering cannabis seeds, what does that actually mean and is it really worth spending more money on them? We, at The Cannabis Bakehouse, consulted our excellent experts and took a closer look at the phenomenon of auto flowering.

When a regular cannabis plant begins to flower, the summer solstice has just passed and this coincides with the development phase the plant has gone through. Many plants flower by photosynthesis and for that, they need a certain light. Everyone knows how wonderful nature is but, what many people don’t know is that, during spring, the blue light of the sun predominates and that plants need this light during the pre-growth phase to develop. Later in the year, during summer and early fall, the red light from the sun is more predominant and plants need this light to form their flowers. With autoflowers it is completely different.

Autoflowering seeds start to flower when the plant has reached a certain stage of development, regardless of the predominant color of the light. Growers who grow plants in a tent or indoor space force flowering by putting them on a strict light schedule where they have the lights on for 12 hours and the lights off for 12 hours. In this way, the photosynthesis time is accelerated and plants flower faster so that the cultivation time is shortened, which is always beneficial for the yield. This is not necessary with autoflowering seeds because they have been genetically manipulated in such a way that the plants will automatically flower when they reach a certain size. The result of this type of growing is that you can harvest in less than 10 weeks because the flowering starts about two to four weeks after pre-growth.

Although it can vary from strain to strain, autoflowering plants are often smaller than standard cannabis plants. As a result, the yield per plant is usually a bit less, but especially with indoor cultivation you can sow new plants more often. Especially in our regions, where temperatures often don’t get too high and especially not for long periods, autoflowering seeds are the best choice. If you sow them a little too late and we don’t get a long Indian summer, there is a chance that they will not flower in time, especially when grown outdoors, and but rot can occur due to cold and damp weather. Another advantage of autoflowering cannabis seeds is that the sativa strains are less high and therefore easier to grow in a tent or indoor space. This is less true for Indica strains because those plants usually don’t grow very tall.

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