CBD Cotton Candy

At Cannabis Bakehouse you have naturally different products in the category Cannabis sweets. One of them is the CBD Cotton Candy. In this blog you will get more information about this delicious product.

CBD in cotton candy
It may sound crazy, cotton candy that contains CBD. But it’s not that weird at all. You can put CBD in everything. And someone who does not like the pure taste of CBD oil can then choose to go for a sweeter variant, for example the cotton candy. You can choose from different flavors.

Different flavors
You can choose from 4 different flavors. Vanilla, Banana, Orange and Strawberry. So it is something for everyone. It contains 20mg of CBD per jar of cotton candy. So you can take the right amount and still enjoy the delicious taste of a sweet strawberry or fruity oranges.

You can of course choose to share the cotton candy, but you can also choose to eat it in parts with the packaging that is resealable. What are you doing? Are you going to share the cotton candy or would you rather eat it alone?

You can find the cotton candy under the heading cannabis candies and are only 7,- each. If you click on the cotton candy you can choose from the 4 flavors and then you can add it to your shopping cart.

Ways of taking

There are, of course, different ways of taking CBD. One of the popular ways is ingesting foods with CBD in them. So this is it. It can therefore take a little longer before you feel the effects of the CBD compared to the CBD Oil. It is true that once it is absorbed into your body, it also takes longer for your body to break it down again.

Cannabis Cookies

Of course you can order many things at Cannabis Bakehouse. From candy to muffins. This also applies to Cannabis Cookies, in 4 different flavors. But what are these cookies now? I will tell you more about that in this blog.

What are Cannabis Cookies?

What exactly are the Cannabis Cookies? I’m going to explain that to you in detail. What’s in it, what the flavors are and what kind of things they do to your body.

First of all, when you hear Cannabis Cookies, you immediately think of weed. That makes sense, but there is no THC in our Cannabis Cookies. It’s the perfect snack for smoking a joint. It will help you to relax if you eat these cookies while smoking a joint. You can choose to eat all the cookies alone, but you can also share them with friends. So the perfect content!

You wonder what flavors we all have? I get that, as mentioned before, we have 4 different flavors. We have the Critical Kush Cannabis Cookies, Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies and the Gorilla Cannabis Cookies. In addition, we also have the CBD Cannabis Cookies. In other words, plenty of choice, and something for everyone. The CBD Cannabis Cookies contain extra CBD, 10MG to be precise.
All cookies are chocolate flavor. We think this is the perfect flavor combination with the other products in the cookies.

How much do these cookies cost?
The price of the Cannabis Cookies differs. For example, the CBD Cookies cost 8.50 and the other 3 cost 7.50 if you purchase them separately. If you would buy in larger numbers, the Cookies would also be cheaper. If you purchase more than 100, you will receive a 20% discount. So for 1 pack of Cookies it will be only 6 euros instead of 7.50.

3 Characteristics of good CBD oil 

The popularity of CBD oil is increasing and it is therefore common to learn more about this. We have 5 characteristics to distinguish the right quality of CBD oil from the lower variants.

1. CBD oil extracts from the ‘whole plants’, no CBD isolate

CBD oils made from a whole plant extract, more commonly known as full spectrum oil, have a higher quality as an oil than oil made from a CBD isolate.

The idea of ​​an isolate may sound good, as it is pure CBD. But it is often made from cheap ingredients. The other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that work with CBD are no longer included. It is precisely because of all these elements that full-spectrum oils are more effective and therefore healthier. Such elements are crucial for producing high-quality CBD oil.

2. Below 0.2% THC

CBD oils made from hemp may carry traces of THC. Often 0.2% or less, this small dose is impossible to get high from. The THC content is sometimes higher due to a less qualitative production of hemp, so that the oil may still provide a ‘high’ effect. Not only is this a sign of low quality, but it could even mean that the CBD oil is illegal. Check labels and lab reports for exact numbers before considering making a purchase.

3. Is the price too good to be true?

High-quality CBD oils are not cheap to make. If the price is very low, that is an omen that it may have been made from impure and/or contaminated raw materials or with inferior quality solvents. It can also be a sign that the oil does not contain much or no CBD at all.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive product on the market to be sure it’s safe. Pay attention to the comparable prices and customer ratings to find out if the product has the right background.

For advice and reviews, please look around at reliable sources to be sure of the quality of CBD oil. Often the label already indicates whether it is somewhat reliable by means of the per millage CBD that is indicated.


Who doesn’t love a tasty cookie every now and then? These chocolate chip cookies combine the best of both worlds: a delicious snack and your daily dose of CBD in one. Ideal and delicious!

Chocolate and CBD in one cookie

The delicious CBD cookies are provided with chocolate, crunchy crisps and very high quality CBD. Each cookie contains 25 mg of CBD and with this concentration is ideal for perfectly dosing and getting your daily portion. In addition to being a source of CBD, the cookies are also a source of protein!

The ideal snack?

o Delicious snack

o Rich in proteins

o 25 mg CBD per cookie

o Easy to dose

o 100% THC-free

o 100% legally available in the Netherlands

o Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

o GMO free

o Also suitable for children

CBD cookies: something for you?

In principle, our CBD cookies are suitable for everyone, even the vegans among us. Thanks to the delicious taste and the average dose of CBD, the CBD cookie is definitely one of the tastiest ways to take CBD. It can sometimes be difficult to get children to take CBD, for example because of the taste of CBD oil or the size of a CBD capsule. The CBD cookie is not only a tasty treat, it is also a good alternative to another CBD product.

The CBD chocolate chip cookies are made from flour, baking powder, vanilla, butter, salt, sugar (brown and white), distilled CBD oil, eggs and walnuts. The amount of CBD in the cookies varies. This depends on the levels of CBD that one can consume in a day. At Cannabis Bake House, we adhere to industry guidelines for the CBD ratios in the cookies.

The butter and eggs in the cookie make the CBD Chocolate Cookies softer than your normal cookies. The cookies are prepared at temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius to prevent the chemical component of the CBD from being destroyed. The chocolate is the main ingredient in making these cookies. When baking the cookies, the chocolate and CBD are perfectly mixed. The CBD Chocolate Biscuit is very appealing to those who would normally not take any cannabis-based product. The CBD Chocolate Cookies have a small size, which makes them easy to eat. Unlike other cookies, the CBD Chocolate Cookie does not contain any THC compound.

By eating the CBD Chocolate Cookies you solve both your sugar cravings and the medicinal side effects. By eating these cookies you can improve your blood circulation in your body. Your mood and well-being can also be increased by consuming these chocolate cookies. Furthermore, it improves the metabolic processes in the body and inflammation is reduced. In addition, the cookies are good for your digestive system. The biscuits ensure that all residues are removed. Finally, the body becomes very relaxed by consuming the CBD Chocolate Cookies and your fatigue goes away.

Top 3 Myths About Cannabis

Weed is generally seen as a taboo and/or mysterious herb. Various myths keep it shrouded in mystery and prevent people from really getting to know the plant. We hereby debunk the top 3 most common misconceptions about cannabis. Some falsely suggest that weed is a ‘gateway drug’, while for others it is positive.

1. Cannabis use creates crime

The use and production of cannabis is banned in many countries. This is primarily the primary reason the product can be found on the black market, alongside other banned drugs, such as cocaine and crack.

When a legal cannabis market is available, licensed shops take over the weed trade, eliminating the position of illegal practices.

In addition, there is no evidence that smoking weed makes anyone feel more likely to commit a crime. It is true that more lawbreakers use cannabis and other drugs, but this has nothing to do with cannabis.

2. Weed is addictive and dangerous.

It is often argued that cannabis is compared to hard drugs, namely that you should go into a spiral of addiction. The plant is very different from the addictive effect of hard drugs such as heroin and crack. Unlike those drugs, cannabis does not normally cause severe addiction or withdrawal symptoms.

3. Cannabis overdose.

Every year many lives are lost to hard drugs. But no one dies from cannabis use alone. This is because cannabinoids, the active substances in the plant, do not affect the part of the brain responsible for breathing.

The only difficulties that may arise are irregularities in the respiratory center. In addition, they have a depressant effect, which hinders breathing and in the worst case can lead to death. Cannabis does not have this effect, which is why there have been no known deaths from cannabis use alone.

In short, at the right dose, cannabis is a relaxing and effective product to improve your mood. Please inform yourself on our website to avoid ambiguities. This contributes to make the existing myths disappear!

Cannabis Bakehouse Day Cream

On the Cannabis Bakehouse website, you can buy various cosmetic products. One of these is the CBD Day Cream. You may be wondering why CBD should be in day cream. In this blog, I will tell you all about it.

CBD in day cream

CBD, of course, has many positives, such as anti-inflammatory and reducing muscle and joint pain. In addition, CBD gives your skin a boost as it contains a lot of omega fatty acids. The day cream with CBD, therefore, has many positive effects on your skin and in your body. Our CBD Day Cream, on the other hand, also contains SPF 15. This protects you against UV radiation and the effect of air pollution. You experience UV radiation every day. After a while, your skin becomes dull and tired.


You are supposed to apply the CBD Day Cream every day. It is best if you also apply the CBD Night Cream. So it is also true that your skin not only has the benefits of the CBD, but also of the UV radiation. The CBD Day Cream is therefore perfect if you want naturally younger skin.


In addition to the CBD and SPF 15, there are of course other important ingredients. For example, it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E. That in collaboration with the therapeutic calendula oil. The day cream also contains shea butter, which in turn has soothing and calming qualities.

So it is true that there are many different ingredients that are good for your skin and for your body. And you can also choose to combine our other cosmetic products with the day cream to give your skin and body the best possible treatment it deserves.

CBD Honey

We as Cannabis Bakehouse offer many products that contain CBD. So is the CBD honey! This product is a mixture of honey infused with hemp, marijuana or in this case cannabidiol (CBD). The idea is that the benefits of cannabinoids and honey combine to create a kind of superfood.

Methods to produce

There are several possible processes to produce CBD honey, but 2 are the most important: extraction in honey or direct infusion.

Direct infusion involves grinding up a cannabis plant, mixing it with honey and heating it until the cannabinoids dissolve.

The extraction method can be carried out with ethanol, hydrocarbon or carbon dioxide. The cannabinoids are always separated during the process, no matter which of the three is used. The use of carbon dioxide is recommended because the use of hydrocarbons would be more dangerous because it has to be burned. The moment the extraction is complete, it is dissolved in the honey.

In addition, there is another (more do-it-yourself) method, similar to the direct infusion. But instead of heating on a stove, sunlight is used. The ground cannabis is mixed in a jar of honey and kept on a windowsill for 3 to 6 months. This method obviously requires a lot of patience and also produces a very inconsistent end product.


Preferably a lick of honey – loose, in tea or even on bread? Everything is possible! The CBD honey is a good and tasty alternative to the CBD drops that have to be placed under the tongue.

Are you interested in using our delicious CBD honey? Then take a look at the webshop and order now!

Weed muffins

In this blog you can read more about our delicious cannabis muffins. The muffin is baked at the right temperature so that it is not too burnt, but also not too dry. The muffin actually just melts on your tongue. However, you must be 20 years old to buy these muffins.

Different tastes

We sell 3 different flavors of muffins at Cannabis Bakehouse. These are the Chocolate Haze Muffin, Blueberry Kush Muffin and the Mango Kush muffins. All three have their own unique taste. The muffins are so delicious that you really have to taste all three before you pick a favorite. They are packaged for easy portability when you need to go somewhere.

The Chocolate Haze Muffin is made with 100% natural ingredients. We can say with certainty that the muffins are always fresh and never dry. If you’ve ever vaporized or smoked Chocolate Haze Strain, you’ll recognize the flavor. Our Chocolate Haze Muffin is one of the best-selling foods in Amsterdam Coffeeshops.

The Blueberry Kush Muffin sells the best in our own store in Amsterdam. By combining the blueberries and the hemp, a delicious muffin can be made. The Blueberry Kush Muffin can be perfectly combined with, for example, Cannabis Coffee, which you can also find in our webshop or in the store in Amsterdam.

The last flavor we have is the Mango Kush Muffin. This one is the sweetest of the three. And just like the other muffins, the Mango Kush Muffin is made from 100% natural ingredients. If you don’t like a strong cannabis taste, this muffin is perfect. The sweetness of the mango helps against the strong taste of cannabis. The texture of the muffin is nice and soft, as is the taste.

So you have 3 different flavors to choose from. If you can’t choose, you can also choose to order all 3 and a discount if you order more than 3 muffins. If you also order above 50 euros, the shipping costs are for us.

CBD Brownies

Contrary to popular belief, CBD brownies do not make you high or stoned. There is no THC in it. The brownies in our webshop are made from 100% natural products. Since there is no THC in the brownies, they are 100% legal.
There are many different types of brownies. From vegan brownies to brownies with extra CBD. On the other hand, we also have many others, called: Dutch Hash Brownie, Lemon Haze Brownie, O.G Kush Brownie and White Widow Brownie. These brownies all have a different strength.

Dutch hash is used in the Dutch Hash brownie. Vanilla is also used to give the brownie a better taste. These and the other brownies also have an effect on certain things, such as making you feel more relaxed or less anxious. In contrast, these brownies can also help you sleep better.

When is the best time to take CBD?
Is it smart to take CBD on an empty stomach? You can do it, but it has been proven that if you eat a brownie with CBD on a full stomach, you will feel much more of the effects. It is also true that if you take a lot of CBD on an empty stomach, you can become nauseous or even vomit.
It is also not smart to eat CBD brownies with alcohol. You will feel less the effects of the CBD. The effects of the alcohol then actually mask the effects of the CBD in the brownie.

Do you have to be 18+ to buy CBD brownies?
Since there is no THC in the brownies, there is no age restriction on the brownies. However, they are still in deeper research to see if CBD is harmful to younger children. It is true that children should receive a lesser dose compared to adults.