Cannabis Cookies

Of course you can order many things at Cannabis Bakehouse. From candy to muffins. This also applies to Cannabis Cookies, in 4 different flavors. But what are these cookies now? I will tell you more about that in this blog.

What are Cannabis Cookies?

What exactly are the Cannabis Cookies? I’m going to explain that to you in detail. What’s in it, what the flavors are and what kind of things they do to your body.

First of all, when you hear Cannabis Cookies, you immediately think of weed. That makes sense, but there is no THC in our Cannabis Cookies. It’s the perfect snack for smoking a joint. It will help you to relax if you eat these cookies while smoking a joint. You can choose to eat all the cookies alone, but you can also share them with friends. So the perfect content!

You wonder what flavors we all have? I get that, as mentioned before, we have 4 different flavors. We have the Critical Kush Cannabis Cookies, Girl Scout Cannabis Cookies and the Gorilla Cannabis Cookies. In addition, we also have the CBD Cannabis Cookies. In other words, plenty of choice, and something for everyone. The CBD Cannabis Cookies contain extra CBD, 10MG to be precise.
All cookies are chocolate flavor. We think this is the perfect flavor combination with the other products in the cookies.

How much do these cookies cost?
The price of the Cannabis Cookies differs. For example, the CBD Cookies cost 8.50 and the other 3 cost 7.50 if you purchase them separately. If you would buy in larger numbers, the Cookies would also be cheaper. If you purchase more than 100, you will receive a 20% discount. So for 1 pack of Cookies it will be only 6 euros instead of 7.50.

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