Blueberry Kush muffin

weed muffins

In this blog you can read more about our delicious cannabis muffins. The muffin be baked at the right temperature so that it is not too burnt, but also not too dry. The muffin actually just melts on your tongue. However, you must be 20 years old to buy these muffins.

Different flavors Weed muffins

We sell 3 different flavors of muffins at Cannabis Bakehouse† These are the Chocolate Hazein Haze Muffin, Blueberry Kush Muffin and the Mango Kush muffins. All three have their own unique taste. The muffins are so delicious that you really have to taste all three before you pick a favorite. They are packaged for easy portability when you need to go somewhere.

De Chocolate Hazeat Haze Muffin is made with 100% natural ingredients. We can say with certainty that the muffins are always fresh and that they are never dry. If you ever Chocolate HazeIf you have vaped or smoked Haze Strain, you will recognize the taste. Our Chocolate Hazete Haze Muffin is one of the best-selling food items in Amsterdam Coffeeshops.

In our own store in Amsterdam the Blueberry Kush Muffins the best. By combining the blueberries and the hemp, a delicious muffin can be made. The Blueberry Kush Muffin can be perfectly combined with, for example, Cannabis Coffee, which you can also find in our webshop or in the store in Amsterdam.

The last flavor we have is the Mango Kush Muffin† This one is the sweetest of the three. And as with the other muffins, the Mango Kush Muffin made from 100% natural ingredients. If you don't like a strong cannabis taste, this muffin is perfect. The sweetness of the mango helps against the strong taste of cannabis. The texture of the muffin is nice and soft, as is the taste.

So you have 3 different flavors to choose from. If you can't choose, you can also choose to order all 3 and a discount if you order more than 3 muffins. If you also order above 50 euros, the shipping costs are for us.


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