Coffee shops at Leidseplein

A visit to Amsterdam is actually not complete without having visited Leidseplein. This is a cultural hotspot that is brimming with fun, shops, theaters and bars. A popular place among Amsterdammers, which is certainly not without reason. Cannabis enthusiasts will also feel right at home here, thanks to the many coffee shops on and around Leidseplein. In this blog we would like to discuss the better coffee shops in the immediate vicinity of Leidseplein, in order to familiarize you with Amsterdam cannabis culture.

Easy Times Prinsengracht

One of the best-known and most popular shops in the Leidseplein area can be found on the Prinsengracht. Coffeeshop Easy Times is a real crowd pleaser that according to some guests is even better than a shop like Boerejongens. The weed and hash are of above average quality, the staff is very friendly and the seats are comfortable. Enjoy great music and even better weed here.

The Rookies Coffee Shop

Another Amsterdam favorite can be found on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat. This coffee shop has an accessible and cozy atmosphere, where a wide range of various types of weed and hash is available. Here too, the staff is very friendly with thorough knowledge of the business. Rookies is also wheelchair accessible, which makes it a suitable shop for everyone.

Coffee Shop Get Down

Coffeeshop Get Down is also located on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat. This coffee shop is less than the above two shops focused on tourism. Local Amsterdammers like to come here for their favorite weed, whose haze varieties receive an extra high rating. Enjoy a relaxed vibe with the best quality weed and helpful staff. It is also possible to play a game of pool here, at one of the two pool tables.

The Bulldog Ex-Police Station Coffee Shop

The name of this shop leaves little to the imagination. The most famous coffee shop chain in the Netherlands opened a new coffee shop in 1986 on Leidseplein, in the former police building. Because of the name and the location in the building in question, this coffee shop is a real tourist attraction. It is a truly unique experience to smoke a nice joint in a former building of the controlling power. They also have great ones here edibles, like space muffins on - brownies.

Coffee shop Superskunk

This shop is located on the Prinsengracht, and is appreciated for its comfortable seating and extensive menu. Coffeeshop Superskunk has very helpful and friendly staff and ask fair prices for their weed and hash. Here you can also sit on a terrace smoking overlooking the Prinsengracht, you can hardly get more Amsterdam!

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