What are the best YouTube videos in the Netherlands when you're stoned?

Watching videos while stoned is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Whether you are an experienced user or novice user, there are many options for you to look at. YouTube is a great website where you can watch all types of videos. There are many videos that are specially made for Dutch users. Here are some of the funniest videos to watch when you're stoned.


The Fomo Show

The FOMO Show with Daan Boom, Jasper Demollin and Tobias Camman is a YouTube series in which these three friends do the craziest things together. Just to figure out if they should have FOMO for something. The series focuses on the behind-the-scenes stories of their lives and their experiences with social media. The series mainly focuses on the theme of 'fear of missing out' and how people deal with it. It's one of the most popular comedy shows in the Netherlands, and it's a great way to laugh when you're stoned.

Scammers abroad

Scammers abroad by Kees van der Spek is about identifying, preventing and combating fraud outside the Netherlands. Kees travels abroad to confront the scammers. He often undergoes the deception himself and shows with a hidden camera how the scammers work. Although this series is broadcast on TV, there are a lot of nice episodes on YouTube! The series is very interesting because you can see how the scammers think and act, and how they cheat their victims. It's a great way to have fun when you're stoned.


Lucky TV is a Dutch comedy series broadcast on YouTube. Lucky TV makes satirical films, usually made from existing footage, in which current events are commented on. There are short and long videos on Youtube. It's a great way to have fun when you're stoned. YouTube is a great website to watch videos when you're stoned.


There are many nice videos that are specially made for Dutch users. The Fomo Show, Scammers Abroad and Lucky TV are some of the most fun videos to watch while stoned. They are fun, funny and have a profound message.

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