Top 3 Myths About Cannabis

Weed is generally seen as a taboo and/or mysterious herb. Several myths keep it shrouded in mystery and prevent people from really getting to know the plant. Here we debunk the top 3 most common misconceptions about cannabis. Some falsely suggest that marijuana is a "gateway drug", while for others it is positive.

1. Cannabis use creates crime

The use and production of cannabis is banned in many countries. This is primarily the main reason why the product can be found on the black market, alongside other banned drugs, such as cocaine and crack.

When a legal cannabis market is available, licensed shops take over the cannabis trade, eliminating the position of illegal practices.

In addition, there is no evidence that smoking weed makes anyone more likely to commit a crime. It is true that more lawbreakers use cannabis and other drugs, but this has nothing to do with cannabis.

2. Weed is addictive and dangerous.

It is often claimed that cannabis is compared to hard drugs, namely that you have to end up in an addiction spiral. The plant is very different from the addictive effect of hard drugs such as heroin and crack. Unlike those drugs, cannabis does not normally cause severe addiction or withdrawal symptoms.

3. Cannabis overdose.

Many lives are lost every year due to hard drugs. But no one dies from cannabis use alone. This is because cannabinoids, the active substances in the plant, do not affect the part of the brain responsible for breathing.

The only problems that can arise are irregularities in the respiratory center. In addition, they have a damping effect, which hinders breathing and can lead to death in the worst case. Cannabis does not have this effect, which is why there are no known deaths from cannabis use alone.

In short, in the right dosage, cannabis is a relaxing and effective product to improve your mood. Inform yourself on our website to avoid ambiguities. This contributes to the disappearance of the existing myths!



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