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The Top 10 Dutch Festivals You Don't Want to Miss

The Netherlands is known for its vibrant festival scene, especially during the summer months. Whether you like music, dance, culture or simply a good party, there is something for everyone. Every year these festivals attract thousands of visitors from all over the world, who come to enjoy the unique atmosphere, the great line-ups, and the unforgettable experiences that these events offer. Whether you are a seasoned festival goer or want to visit a festival for the first time, these top ten Dutch festivals should not be missing from your list.

You definitely don't want to miss this one

10. Lowlands

Lowlands is certainly one of the better known festivals among the entire Dutch population with a long history. Bands have traditionally performed here, but nowadays you can also dance to the music played by (techno) DJs. You only buy tickets for this festival for the entire weekend, which creates a special and busy atmosphere at the campsite. It takes place on the festival site next to Walibi in Biddinghuizen.

9. Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret, or BKS for short, is a festival in Hilvarenbeek (Beekse Bergen) where lovers of electronic and more alternative music can indulge themselves. No fewer than 75.000 people will attend throughout the weekend. Every year the organization arranges a number of big names in the music world, but emerging acts can also be admired there.

8. Awakenings Summer Festival

Techno lovers have undoubtedly heard of this festival. It is the largest techno festival in the world where people can go fast to the pumping music and the large-scale stages with bizarre effects and laser shows. In three days, more than 100 DJs will show their skills to around 100.000 visitors. This festival also takes place in Hilvarenbeek near Beekse Bergen.

7. Concert At Sea

This Dutch festival offers a quite unique experience for the many visitors who travel to Brouwersdam in Ouddorp (South Holland). It is a festival that, in addition to wonderful music and good artists, also offers a view of the sea and sometimes fantastic sunsets.

6. Defqon.1

The largest outdoor festival in the Netherlands within hardstyle is Defqon.1. Every year, around 100.000 hardstyle enthusiasts come here to let loose. This festival is also held on the festival site in Biddinghuizen.

5. paaspop

Paaspop is one of the first annual festivals held at the beginning of spring. As the name suggests, during the Easter weekend. With 110.000 annual visitors of young and old, this is easily one of the largest Dutch festivals. All stages are covered, so even if the weather is not good, you can still enjoy yourself. The location of this festival is at the Molenheide in Schijndel.

4. Mystery Land

Mysteryland is one of the oldest dance festivals in the world, founded in 1993. This illustrious festival takes place on the former Floriade grounds in Haarlemmermeer and attracts approximately 130.000 visitors every year. With eleven stages, it offers a wide range of genres within the dance scene, from techno and house to hardstyle and trance. The impressive line-up includes big names and emerging talents. In addition to music, Mysteryland also offers art installations, light shows and spectacular performances. The colorful decorations create a magical atmosphere, while sustainability plays an important role, with initiatives such as waste separation and recycling. Mysteryland offers a unique and unforgettable festival experience.

3. Apple pop

Every year, the Waalkade in Tiel is the setting for the largest free music festival in the Netherlands. With a number of visitors of 130.000, it is guaranteed to be a party! Because admission is free, the cost of a beer is slightly higher than you are used to at a paid festival.

2. Pinkpop

The town of Landgraaf in the southern province of Limburg enjoys national fame because of one of the oldest music festivals that is organized there annually. Pinkpop has now had more than 50 editions and in those years it has grown into one of the largest festivals in the Netherlands where big names in the music world perform. The festival is so big that it has no fewer than 3 campsites!

1. Black Cross

What started as a small-scale festival in the Achterhoek has now grown into the largest festival in the Netherlands. More than 230.000 visitors came to Lichtenvoorde in the Achterhoek last year to enjoy a special Dutch festival that has more to offer than just a musical program. The Zwarte Cross is called that because there is actually motocross racing at the festival. In addition, there is a large cultural offering.

Why Visit Festivals in the Netherlands?

Festivals not only provide great music and entertainment, but also the chance to meet new people, experience different cultures and simply have fun. Whether you are a fan of rock, techno, dance or pop, the Dutch festival scene has something for everyone. Don't forget to book your tickets on time and prepare for an unforgettable summer full of music and party!

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