Cannabis Bakehouse Day Cream

On the Cannabis Bakehouse website, you can buy various cosmetic products. One of these is the CBD Day Cream. You may be wondering why CBD should be in day cream. In this blog, I will tell you all about it.

CBD in day cream

CBD, of course, has many positives, such as anti-inflammatory and reducing muscle and joint pain. In addition, CBD gives your skin a boost as it contains a lot of omega fatty acids. The day cream with CBD, therefore, has many positive effects on your skin and in your body. Our CBD Day Cream, on the other hand, also contains SPF 15. This protects you against UV radiation and the effect of air pollution. You experience UV radiation every day. After a while, your skin becomes dull and tired.


You are supposed to apply the CBD Day Cream every day. It is best if you also apply the CBD Night Cream. So it is also true that your skin not only has the benefits of the CBD, but also of the UV radiation. The CBD Day Cream is therefore perfect if you want naturally younger skin.


In addition to the CBD and SPF 15, there are of course other important ingredients. For example, it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E. That in collaboration with the therapeutic calendula oil. The day cream also contains shea butter, which in turn has soothing and calming qualities.

So it is true that there are many different ingredients that are good for your skin and for your body. And you can also choose to combine our other cosmetic products with the day cream to give your skin and body the best possible treatment it deserves.