CannabisBakeHouse provides you with a variety of cannabis sweets ranging from CBD Honey, CBD Candy Cubes, CBD Gummy bears, CBD Lollypop, Organic Cannabis Chocolate, Cannabis Chocolate Spread, CBD Cotton Candy and Cannabis Protein Bar.


Our cannabis Candy products are tasty and delicious with energizing effects, as well as soothing capabilities, especially when it comes to digestion. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid that we use to prepare our sweets is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant. CBD Honey may be added to a cup of tea, or consume it directly using a spoon or add it to your cheese.

For Cannabis Chocolate Spread, you may spread it on your pancake or bread, and the raw cacao alongside its coconut sugar will do the magic of livening up the taste. At the same time, our Cannabis Protein Bar will be perfect for you just before beginning your exercise. Our CBD Lollypop, on the other hand, will give you health benefits, and our CBD Gummy bears are perfect for those of you who would like to try CBD edibles. You can as well try other cannabis sweets at Cannabis Bakehouse that are the most delicious in the market.


As it is known by most of you, our cannabis sweets products are rich with useful anti-oxidants that beneficial to our bodies and our health. As opposed to THC, our cannabis sweets products do not make you high! You only need to place your online order today for your favourite sweet cannabis products, and our able team will deliver them right at your doorstep.

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