Feeling a scrunchy, sweet mood today? Try one of our Cannabis BakeHouse cookies! From CBD Chocolate Cookie to the Critical Kush Cannabis Cookie. Our cookies got everything to suit your needs. Furthermore, our experienced bakers excellently bake all these products with professional care.

The perfect alternative

Our cookies are perfect for those of you who do not smoke, or you do not want to develop the smoking habit. They are an ideal alternative for smoking or vaping of Cannabis. The tasty, biscuity flavor will give you a pleasant munching experience whenever you want to have the feeling of taking a snack. Besides, it has several health benefits on your body.

 No labor, just relax

Cannabis BakeHouse’s Cannabis Cookies have been tested and approved for consumption. They will not make you high since they do not contain THC compound. So, what are you waiting for? Get onto our webshop and place your order. You only have to wait for them to be delivered at your doorstep and enjoy them!

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