The Cannabis BakeHouse’s Coffee Beans are a product on its own. They give a new definition to the “wake and bake”. Taste the best of both worlds since the experience is both restorative and aesthetic. Cannabis and coffee are the complete opposite of each other. However, At Cannabis BakeHouse we specialized in providing you the calming effect of the cannabinoids in a blend with the energizing effect of the excellent coffee beans.

 100% Arabica coffee beans blend with indica elements

Our 100% Arabica coffee beans are the best in the industry. Besides, they are directly sourced from the highlands of South American farmers. The beans are prepared from the rich, nutritious, and earthy combination together with the balanced flavors and sweetness of indica elements, to fruity, lemony blends. Result: perfectly flavored beans for our high standard of coffee.

Prepared by experienced blenders, especially for you 

At Cannabis BakeHouse, we have several roast combinations to fit any feeling or circumstance you may be in. The coffee beans are are generally fresh, full of flavour and moisture, due to ordering per demand. The Coffee Beans have been prepared by experience blenders, so you can adore every sip. These products have been tested and do not make you “high”, due to not contain any traces of THC. It is therefore safe for your consumption. Place your order today with us and wait to deliver to your doorstep.

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