An accessory that is often overlooked, yet essential. The Rolling Tray for rolling joints, blunts and spliffs. This prevents valuable cannabis from being lost. You can use the Rolling Tray for everything. In addition to the standard trays, Cannabis Bakehouse also more extensive Rolling Trays with extra parts and fun functions in the range.

Rolling Trays in different versions:

  1. Wooden copy. A wooden one is a lot more durable than the plastic Rolling Trays. However, the wooden Rolling Trays are often a bit more expensive and heavier in weight.
  2. Plastic copy. The plastic Trays are often light in weight and you can easily take them with you to any place where you need the Rolling Tray. Most plastic trays are also simple and effective in design.

are you making Cannabis Bakehouse order complete

With the Cannabis Bakehouse Rolling Tray completes your collection. 's Rolling Tray Cannabis Bakehouse is simple in design and above all lightweight. This way you can easily take your Rolling Tray anywhere to roll the ultimate joint, blunt or spliff. Prevent your weed from splitting with the Cannabis Bakehouse Roll Tray.