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Happy Caps

Happy Caps, it sounds cheerful, but what is it really? Happy Caps are capsules filled with a blend of powerful herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. The herbs provide various effects, such as: invigorating, euphoric, tripping or, for example, mood-enhancing.

Many different kinds Happy Caps

De Happy Caps line consists of 11 different types, each of which has its own function and purpose. This goal ranges from ultimate relaxation to energy-boosting effects and psychedelic sensations. Thanks to the 11 different types, Happy Caps the desired effect for everyone.

But what are these different types and what do they do? Below we would like to briefly explain which type does which type.


Thanks to the mix of natural nootropics, Brain-E ensure that your concentration remains optimal for hours. It is the perfect stimulus for long study sessions and thus makes you remember new information better. Perfect for situations where you need to concentrate for an extended period of time.




Dance E Happy Caps


Do you want to have enough energy to dance for hours? Then is Dance-E perfect, ideal for a long night out. The mix of natural Energizer gives you the feeling that you are in a long lasting ecstasy. Dance-E provides a euphoric and clear high.





Thanks to Energy-E you go out all night full of energy. The Happy Cap to party all night long!






Feel energized, warm inside and full of euphoria thanks to Euphory-E† A grin on your face and a looser tongue all day long making you perfect company.




This capsule ensures that you experience a perfect evening at home on the couch. Thanks to this formula, you can become relaxed, sluggish or lazy. In addition, it relieves stress, but also ensures that you can relax. Thanks to the stimulating effect that Heavenly-E also contains, you can still do things. The capsule for ecstatic relaxation alone, with friends or your loved one.





Improve your party mood with Party-E† Thanks to 1 or 2 capsules you will feel the desired effect to talk, flirt and dance all night long.





hangover? Relieve your symptoms with Recover-E† They contain all the ingredients to get back to normal after a night of brushing.






Treat yourself to ultimate relaxation and get into a relaxed state thanks to Relax-E† Thanks to the mix of minerals and vitamins, you can relax after a long day.






Looking for a capsule that enhances your aphrodisiac feelings? Thanks to very well-known herbs, this capsule will put you in the mood and give you the stamina to last all night.






The party pill that gives you a very relaxed and ecstatic feeling. Thanks to this capsule you get a big energy boost and you imagine yourself in a dreamy 'happy high'. Perfect for a night out or to use with friends at home.





The spice mix that is processed in Trip-E gives a psychedelic effect. Thanks to Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (Argyreia nervosa) and a little caffeine, you'll have the perfect trip.




Enthusiastic? They have now also been added to the Cannabis Bakehouse collection and can therefore be ordered online at


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