K2 Weed

The fan favorite is back. Indeed, after a difficult time, this plant is back and has brought enough seeds to expand its family.

K2 weed

K2 weed can call itself the descendant of the almost Joseph and Mary of the weed varieties, namely the White Widow and the Hindu Kush. And due to the star quality of this weed, unfortunately there are also synthetic cannabinoids known as “K2” or “Spice”. That shit is made in labs and you should just steer clear of it, especially since you can buy the real deal. Or if you grow one yourself, then you know for sure that it is the real deal. Which is certainly not difficult, every novice grower can do it themselves. The plant loves it when it is warm and dry for a longer period of time. Putting it indoors is therefore best for the plant.

But how did it get this name? K2 is the name of the second highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest. And it can't be a coincidence that someone named a cannabis strain after this.

Now you probably want to know why this plant is so famous. As mentioned, is this one easy to grow, or is it because it has a unique smell and taste, or because it gives you a good high, or maybe because it has a good medical reputation? Yes.

The plant scores well on all these points, which could be the reason why this plant has been "sold out" for a long time.

The plant gives a slightly sweeter taste, users can even taste a slight hint of citrus and resin. The smoke that comes out is also experienced as pleasant, it is also sweet with a sharp edge.

Quick highlight

The K2 is not the strongest type of weed, but one that builds up gradually and reaches its peak quite quickly. Effects appear fairly quickly that can be very sedating, sleep-inducing and relaxing. It is therefore certainly not recommended for a novice stoner, your first contact with alcohol was probably also a Breezer and not vodka.

For this reason, K2 cannabis is an excellent medicinal weed. It can be used if you have chronic pain, but it can also relieve symptoms such as migraines or depression. The weed can stimulate appetite at the end of the high, but also helps if you don't sleep well because it induces sleep at the end of the high.



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