How long do truffles last?

Truffles are a natural psychedelic that can provide a very special experience. If you are unfamiliar with the use of this drug, it can be difficult to estimate how long a trip with truffles really takes. Although there is generally a clear answer to this question, the duration of such a trip still depends on a number of factors. In this blog you can therefore read how long truffles actually work for, and which factors influence this.

The duration of a 'normal' truffle trip

If you buy truffles in the smart shop, you can often choose between a number of different containers of different types of truffles and dosages. A good smart shop often gives general advice for beginners: if you are going to trip for the first time, try a light type of truffle, such as the Mexican, between 7 and 10 grams. This is enough for most people to experience a trip of medium strength, without it becoming too intense. With such a dosage you can expect that the trip effects will largely disappear approximately 4 to 6 hours after ingestion and you will have 'landed' again. Also when taking a stronger strain, such as the Atlantis is this the case. However, a few factors play a role in the actual duration of the trip. These factors have to do with the dosage you take and the method of intake.

Dosage of truffles

In many cases the dosage depends on the wishes of the user. Some choose a lower dose of between 5 and 7 grams, so as not to be completely blown away by the intense effects. On the other hand, experienced users can opt for a very high dosage of up to 25 grams of truffles (we do not recommend choosing a high dosage as a beginner). At a low dose, the noticeable effects will diminish significantly faster than at a high dose. The effects of a low dose of truffles often decrease after about three hours, and after four to five hours after ingestion you will be back on the ground again. While a high dose produces peak effects that can last up to four hours, the aftermath of the effects can also last two to three hours.


There are different ways to take truffles. It is possible to make a tea from fresh truffles, whereby the truffles are consumed with warm water. This method can ensure that the effects are less strong for the same dose when eaten raw. This also allows the effects to wear off more quickly, making the trip last shorter. Another method that is popular among the experienced users is known as 'Lemon Tek'. You prepare the truffles in the juice of a lemon and drink the stuff. In short, this method makes the trip much faster and more intense than with normal consumption. In some cases this means that the effects last shorter due to the high intensity, but this is not the case for everyone. If you want to experiment with this, we recommend that you first gain some experience with truffles through the 'normal' way of ingesting them and try stronger varieties such as the Netherlands en Valhalla.

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