The best alternatives to tobacco in joints: a top 5

People like to mix their weed with tobacco in a joint for various reasons. One of those reasons is that it is cheaper not to fill a joint completely with the green gold, but to thin it out. This allows users to enjoy the smoke for longer, without losing power. However, the high level of added harmful and addictive substances in commercial tobacco is a major drawback for people who are vigilant about their health. That is why more and more people are switching to tobacco alternatives in the form of dried herbs. Mother Nature has a plethora of suitable alternatives to offer, but to keep things simple, we've compiled a list of five of our favorites (not in order).


Skullcap is a plant from the lip flower family. It has a mild, neutral and earthy taste. It has slightly relaxing effects, which are perfect to combine with cannabis. Skullcap is one of the most tobacco-like alternatives in terms of use. The burn is fast and even medium, and the neutral taste leaves more than enough room to keep the flavors and aromas of your favorite cannabis in the foreground.


Damiana is a plant that belongs to the passion flower family. It is known as an aphrodisiac. It also has a relaxing effect and can give a mild buzz. The taste is spicy and spicy, which can be a delicious addition to a joint for the enthusiast. It also has a slow and even burn, making this herb an ideal tobacco substitute.

Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus)

This mildly psychoactive herb is a plant belonging to the mint family and native to South Africa. It has a relaxing effect and can cause mild euphoric feelings. The burn is slow, but uneven, so you have to be careful to seal your joint properly. The sweet, bitter, floral taste is quite strong and a delicious addition for the enthusiast. However, the taste can be too overwhelming for some. If you still want to experience that extra mind-altering kick, choose a highly aromatic cannabis strain to make the taste work a bit more to your advantage.


This well-known herb is the ultimate seasoning for your joint. This very easy-to-find herb has wonderful scents that are partly caused by a certain terpene: linalool. Due to the molecular composition in lavender there is an entourage effect, which means that there is a synergy between terpenes and cannabinoids such as THC and CBD† This amplifies the effects. Because lavender has a relatively strong taste, it is not recommended to completely replace tobacco with lavender. Lavender is best used together with another herb in your joint, or as a small addition in a pure spliff.

Torch / Torch

Mullein, is an herb more commonly used in smoking products. It produces thick, mild smoke that has a cooling effect. This makes inhaling weed a lot more pleasant. In addition, torch burns evenly. With its deeply relaxing effects, mullein also has the ability to calm the mind.




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