Well-known names in the coffeeshop world

Coffee shops in the Netherlands come in all shapes and sizes. Despite the fact that the concept is almost the same everywhere, namely a place where cannabis is sold and in most cases can be smoked, there are coffee shops in many forms. One has a classic and old-fashioned appearance, while the other exudes a hypermodern atmosphere. One is certainly not better than the other, and everyone has their own preference for a certain style and atmosphere. In this blog we discuss some of the most famous names in the world of coffee shops.

The bulldog

Actually, you can't make a list of famous coffee shop names without starting with The Bulldog. This is the oldest existing coffee shop in the Netherlands, and has been operating in the same building on Oudezijds Voorburgwal since 1974. Today, the coffee shop has expanded into an international brand with multiple shops, cafes and cannabis clubs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Ibiza and Aruba. It could therefore just be that The Bulldog is also the best-known coffee shop name internationally.

Farm Boys

Boerejongens is a popular and well-known coffee shop among Amsterdam residents and visitors to the city. This cannabis shop opened in 2007 and has been selling the highest quality cannabis strains ever since hasj that can be found in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. The price-quality ratio is very fair, and the budtenders are very skilled. The appearance of Boerejongens is modern, light and a bit chic. You've come to the right place if you want to try the best haze weed you've ever smoked, as well as those who love it kush are positively surprised.

Dizzy Duck

The Hague coffeeshop Dizzy Duck is also a well-known name among cannabis users and culture lovers. The quality of the weed and hash in this shop is of the highest order. Here you will always get nice big buds that smell fresh and are not too dry. Their multiple High Times Cannabis Cup victories testify to this top quality. The staff is also very well trained and they are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended to visit.

House of Representatives

No, this shop has nothing to do with politics. Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer is one of the older Amsterdam shops with a classic and traditional appearance. The old-fashioned lamps and the wooden interior create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The House of Representatives opened its doors in 1985 and has been one of the most cozy coffee shops you can find since its opening. There is only room for 20 people, ideal if you really want to relax in a small-scale establishment with a real Amsterdam soul.

Green House Coffee Shop

Another well-known name from the Amsterdam cannabis scene is Green House, founded by cannabis entrepreneur Arjan Roskam. This coffee shop was founded by Green House Seed Company, a prestigious seed bank that continuously searches the world for high-quality landrace genetics with a passionate cannabis team. If you're looking for quality exotic strains, trust the Strain Hunters who manage to collect the greatest genetics for the Green House Coffeeshop, among others. A true delicacy is the Super Silver Haze, one of the coffee shop's showpieces. Enjoy your favorite weed or hasj in one of the Green House Coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

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